Vitamins, minerals and fad diets? Not Good!

Vitamins, minerals and fad diets? Not Good!

Researchers studied links between vitamins, minerals, diets and health.

“Several vitamins—from vitamin A to vitamin E—had absolutely no effect.’ How beneficial are vitamins? Not very, according to a new study.

Research ers studied links between vitamins, minerals, diets and health


“Several vitamins — from vitamin A to vitamin E — had absolutely no effect,” Dr. Safi Khan, lead author of the study, told ABC News. “These supplements don’t seem to improve your overall survival.”

One bright spot from the study suggested that folic acid might reduce the risk of stroke. However, the study analysis also said that there was “moderate” evidence that a combination of calcium and vitamin D increased stroke risk.

In response to the research, Dr. Andrew Shao from the Council for Responsible Nutrition, described on their website as the “leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry,” told ABC News that “supplements are important to fill nutrient gaps left by sub-optimal diets and to maintain health and well-being.”

However, Dr. Khan rebutted that his team didn’t look at epidemiological and observational studies intentionally. Because those types of studies look at relationships between factors and cannot identify direct causes like randomized controlled trials do.

“These products are helpful in people with nutrient deficiencies to control symptoms,” Dr. Khan told ABC News. “For everyone else, they do not improve survival or cardiovascular health — focus on a healthy lifestyle instead.”Read more: ABC News


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