Ryan Murphy and ‘Hollywood’ cast on the myth of the namesake sign


The stars of Netflix’s ‘Hollywood’ share their personal experiences with the iconic Los Angeles landmark that is the Hollywood sign.

Ever since it was erected in 1923, the Hollywood sign has been a symbol to dreamers the world over — a hillside representation of the magic of the movies.
It holds that potent allure for
Ryan Murphy
too, though it’s tinged with darkness. His interest in the sign stemmed from his fascination with the tragic story of Peg Entwistle, an actress who famously jumped to her death off the H of the sign in 1932.
“I moved here in May of 1989, and in that first week, one of the first things I did was go to the Hollywood sign,” Murphy tells EW. “I was living in Beachwood Canyon, and one of my first things was to go to the sign and look at where she jumped, because I was finally here and I grew up with that story.”
Entwistle’s story also plays a role in Murphy’s new Netflix series
, with the ill-fated tale serving as the basis for a movie within the series. “Peg was one of those people who wanted to be a star,” Murphy says. “I have always been interested in people in this town who lived unseen lives and were not allowed to thrive and prosper like some other people.”
In addition to the ties to Entwistle, the Hollywood sign plays a strong metaphorical role in the show’s opening credits. The young dreamers of the series, played by

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