Vogue Offers A Sneak Peek Into Its Postponed Met Exhibit


You can catch a sneak peek of the upcoming Costume Institute exhibition, courtesy of ‘Vogue.’

About Time: Fashion and Duration
. On Wednesday, the fashion publication released images (shot by Annie Leibovitz) of some of the designs on display, which will likely appear in its May 2020 print issue. The preview includes a conversation with the Costume Institute’s curator Andrew Bolton and how he’s handling his work during the current crisis.
“I feel that fashion at the moment is grappling with ephemerality and impermanence,” Bolton said. “And I thought that drawing out the tensions — between change and endurance and transience and permanence and persistence — might be a nice way to create more of a consciousness about fashion going forward.”
About Time
is now set to open on October 29, but Bolton is making it worth the wait, diving deep into designers’ archives to create a history of fashion from 1870 to 2020.
“I think it’s a quest of any designer to look for…I will not say ‘eternity,’ but a certain longevity in your work,” said Nicolas Ghesquière, co-chair of the exhibit and Louis Vuitton’s creative director. “It’s fashion, and it’s great to witness our time and to say, ‘This is what I feel for now, for
exactly now,
at this moment,’ but when your clothes live longer — when your style lives longer — I think that’s the best thing.”
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