Winter Love Island contestants have ‘missed out on \u00a3500k worth of endorsements’


Apparently the coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on their income/ntook centre stage during March and April. And according to new reports, that transition was especially true for the
Love Island
contestants, who might’ve lost out on £500k worth of endorsements due to the current lockdown.
Jack Cooper of EdHopkinsPR revealed to
that stars have likely missed out on key moneymaking moments, where contestants from previous contestants have cashed in in the months following the show.
Hearst Owned
Winter Love Island
stars are set to lose huge amounts of money, some contestants up to £500,000,” he commented.”Brand deals at the moment are at an all-time low, many companies are not able to afford the usual
Love Island
prices for sponsorship deals. They are also missing out on club appearances due to them being closed, which could have earned them up to £5,000 per hour.”
Although this is potentially frustrating for the contestants, it’s worth pointing out the quarantine rules aren’t for nothing, and the health of everyone involved – including the
Love Island
contestants – is paramount.
The PR expert continued,”With no events to attend, they are also missing out on a huge range of exposure in the media, having no stories for the press to write about.”
This comes as a previous report claimed the
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