Your Favorite Lip Gloss is Back (and It’s Poppin’)


Oh how we missed you, beloved Lancome Juicy Tubes.

Lancome’s Juicy Tube, the gloss that launched a million wet lips, was first released in 2000 and quickly became the status symbol of the middle-and high-school elite. Head to your local mall, hit the makeup counter, and for $20 (which would really put a dent in a young lady’s allowance) you too could buy yourself that Fergalicious funk in a tube.
For me, an attendee of a strict Catholic school (lips were meant for reciting the lord’s prayer—and nothing else) I couldn’t participate in baby blue eyeshadows or neon pink cheeks. However, The Juicy Tube, and her sister the MAC lip glass, became my loophole: the clear lip brought ultra-shine without the crime.
5 frosted lips
And now, just when we needed some good news, Lancome is bringing the discontinued product back. The original Juicy Tubes have returned exclusively at for $20. Coming in 20 delicious shades, you can grab the OG Clear Gloss or take your look to the next level with a new hot-pink shade called Miracle or a creamy nude named Fig Hit. That’s right: they’ve added creamy finishes to the jelly classics. Head to

For More Details : ELLE Magazine (US)

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