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What can lead to recurrent nasal bleeding?
A –
Hello, Well, since this is happening only sometimes/once in a while, it can be due to seasonal changes or even some allergic manifestations. But the fact that it happens spontaneously (without …
What causes difficulty in breathing while climbing stairs or walking?
A –
Hello, I would explain that it is important performing a comprehensive differential diagnosis between different possible causes that may lead to this clinical situation: chronic anemia, a lung …
Why am I having frequent urination and low body temperature?
A –
Hi, Since you have checked on your blood glucose level and it is within the normal range then this could be due to decreased body temperature which leads to decreased sweating and increased exc…
Are numbness and tingling sensation in the foot and ankle healing signs after arthroscopic surgery?
A –
Hello, The tingling and numbness that you have are less likely to be related to the arthroscopic surgery you had. This can be related to a mild nerve root compression at the lower back. Abn…
What causes pale yellow stools while on Vancomycin to treat C. diff infection?
A –
Hello, Color of stool is decided by a pigment called stercobilinogen formed by the breakdown of bile salts. When overall digestion is not proper these bile salts are not broken into stercobi…
Is increasing height possible at the age of 20?
A –
Hi, At the age of 20, there is no way to increase height either by medicines or exercises. There are certain surgical procedures which may allow an increase in height but they are very comp…
What causes bacterial keratitis?
A –
Hi, Bacterial keratitis has occurred due to a scratch while using contact lens. That scratch got infected with bacteria. Since the infection is right in the middle of the eye, you have foggines…
Can Inositol be taken for COPD?
A –
Hi, Inositol has no effect on asthma. There is no inkling information on that as a possibility. However, quitting smoking is the single most important way of addressing your COPD and prevent…
Suggest medication to improve memory in a patient with Alzheimer’s disease
A –
Hello, She is 65 and has Alzheimer’s dementia. It’s common in early dementia to have forgetfulness in day to day things, difficulty in recognising the paths, sometimes difficulty in finding nam…
What causes crackling noises in the knees while climbing stairs?
A –
Hello, The crunching and crackling noises in the knee especially on walking up the steps is likely to be due to age-related degenerative changes in the knee joints. Your knee joints have underg…

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