35 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for the Pop Who Runs on Dad Jokes


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Know a dad who’s literally always cracking jokes? We’ve rounded up humor gifts for the guy who appreciates a good dad joke when he sees one.

 close, and yet procrastinators of the world are still feverishly searching for last-minute Father’s Day gifts. Preferably, ones that don’t scream
I totally bought this ’cause it was available for Prime shipping.
(At least, that’s what I’m currently doing.) For those of us with dads or partners in our lives who are known for their
sense of humor
, there’s the added pressure of getting him a gift that’ll have him cracking up the second he tears open the wrapping paper. But isn’t that always the big challenge? After all, he’s the guy who always keeps us laughing (
corny dad jokes
and all). We can’t exactly giving him another boring old tie. Though man oh man, would that be a whole lot easier … 
But come on — we’re more creative than that! So back away from the grill spatulas and put down the garden hoses. This year, we’re gonna get Dad a gift befitting for the guy whose superior humor keeps us all on our toes. (Okay, even if it is mildly irritating at times.) Because showing Dad we care means getting him a gift he’s not expecting. A gift he’ll never forget — and actually
once he’s done belly-laughing. If a little help is needed in that department though, not to worry. We’ve rounded up some hilarious, creative,
kinda gifts that’ll have the dad in your life rolling on the floor. Or at the very least, crack a smile. (Hey, whatever you can get!)
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Dad Mug

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