‘The One Could Be Anyone’ Here’s The First Look At Are You The One? Season 8


Photo Credit:MTV NEWS

16 sexually fluid singles are coming to MTV on June 26

Are You the One?
is”attracted to all gender identities.” And in the first look at the upcoming episodes — debuting on June 26 — the love hopefuls are ready to get to know each other and find their perfect match. Because”the one could be anyone.”
“Whoever I’m attracted to, whoever I’m drawn to, that’s what I want,” one cast member declares in the video above.
So who is feeling each other during this history-making season? Watch the teaser to see more and do not miss the premiere of
Are You the One: Come One Come All
on Wednesday, June 26 at 9/8c.

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  • It’s exactly what we always wanted! @MrAntony
  • Fucking disgusting. Never watching this show again. I don’t hate anyone, but showcasing what’s really a few percent of the population as normal for everyone is ridiculous. We don’t advertise 4 leaf clovers as if all clovers are 4 leaf. They are not. Represent proportionately
  • Why are they showing this on @cartoonnetwork ?