It turns out lots of things ha


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It turns out lots of things have more potassium than a banana! Here’s a guide to the tastiest choices.

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  • My fave. I’ve eaten the equivalent of one large, whole watermelon in two weeks! ??
  • Lots of sources out there! Many we don’t even know!
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  • We eat a water melon weekly I pack my boyfriend’s lunch with all the veggies an fruit he needs got energy all natural don’t forget the midday snack for extra boost hope you all are packing those lunches for the ones u love ?????an no soda!!
  • @AlyaaGad The only reason I like summer, I eat half a melon ? a day ???
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  • @Vpd83 since you talked about eating watermelon today! Here’s a fun fact for you!!
  • Remind me why we’d fight inflammation?
  • That’s the actual reason why I like watermelon so much
  • But will adding a little bit of salt to it ruin any of that?
  • The best fruit in the world there is no competition
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  • Watermelon helps make your dick bigger
  • Wouldn’t that depend on the size of the wedge?
  • Well as a fruit or a veggie I love it!!!!!! Yummy!!!
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  • Avocado Ice cream makes a little more sense now.
  • Never lie to people who are sincere and care and u can never forgive me for my mistake and be friend with the whole twitter and Americans
  • Many of the nutrients are found in the skin!
  • Take a pill, avoid the carbs!
  • I had potato salad with my Pastrami hero.