The 5 Most Revealing Breakup Albums Ever Before Thank U Next’


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Before Ari, there was Joni.

Mac Miller
—on the album’s title track and first single, while remaining honest on the rest of the record about her own shortcomings and neuroses when it comes to being someone’s girlfriend. There are two sides to every breakup, of course, but the perception of Grande’s very public relationships might shift, if ever so slightly, after
Thank U, Next
Grande followed in the tradition of singer-songwriters who write reactionary pieces to their own breakups and makeups. From Joni Mitchell to Justin Timberlake, pop musicians have used these post-breakup albums to process the ups and downs of their publicized romances and let their fans in on their private lives. Sometimes they even succeed in changing the perception of their relationship to their famous ex after a breakup (the rebirth narrative is a favorite). Here, five of the other most revealing breakup albums in pop history.
Taylor Swift’s
Is anyone more skilled at writing an earworm of a highly personal love (or breakup) song than Taylor Swift? In contrast to Grande, who explicitly name-dropped exactly whom she was talking about on
Thank U, next,

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