The JoBros dropped by ‘The Ton


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The JoBros dropped by ‘The Tonight Show’ on Monday night (June 10) for a rocking roll through ‘Sucker’ on banana shaker, clapper and triangle.

went back to school on Monday night’s (June 10)
Tonight Show
, squeezing into a classroom with host Jimmy Fallon and house band The Roots for a rollicking run through their
Happiness Begins
hit “Sucker.” With Nick rocking a clapper, Kevin dinging the triangle and Joe handling a banana shaker, the trio performed the stripped-down version of the song with the help of some glowing post-production special effects.   
Fallon, thumping a wood block and cueing up the Casio keyboard tracks, cozied up next to lead vocalist Nick, with the whole gang jumping in on the chorus.  
Watch the Jonas Brothers play “Sucker” in the classroom below.

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