Matching Your Makeup and Nails Is the New Bra and Panty Set


Photo Credit:ELLE Magazine (US)

Matchy-matchy makeup and nails have taken Instagram by storm, with our favorite influencers and MUAs coordinating colors and designs.

Brittany Xavier
on matching looks.”Personally, I love a full monochromatic beauty look from your hands to your face. So chic, and it pulls everything together, especially Brittany’s neon look.” The 2020 version of the trend also seems to put more of a premium on intricate nail art and shadow designs, an update we can thank Instagram for with Xavier and friends at the forefront.
Xavier says she finds inspiration by experimenting with color and makeup.”Lately, different new makeup products have inspired what I do each time with my nails,” says Xavier.”When I tried the neon yellow eyeliner and loved the way it looked on my eyes, I thought it would be cool to also try it as a neon French trip. I also got a clear gloss gel for my lids and was really inspired by the transparent but ultra shiny look and is what inspired my clear nail extensions.”

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