11 Women With Stressful Jobs on the Reality TV Shows That Help Them Unwind


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‘Everything about that show simultaneously makes me forget all of my problems and makes me want to fix them.’

Vanderpump Rules
“Reality TV to me is pure escapism and an opportunity to relax, unwind, and release all the numbers I’ve been crunching all day with my team, which can be mentally exhausting. My wife and I love home improvement shows, so much so that we actually appeared on an episode of
Get a Room With Carson & Thom
on the crème de la crème of reality show networks—Bravo. They redid our home office into a zen den, and we LOVED the final results and got to be extremely collaborative.
Also, no reality show list is complete without
Vanderpump Rules
. It is literally the complete opposite of my life, but truly one of the greatest forms of entertainment. SUR is actually around the corner from The Wing West Hollywood so I’d also love to use this as an opportunity to invite Lisa Vanderpump to become a lifetime member of The Wing!!!”
—Diedra, chief financial officer of
The Great British Baking Show
“Ready. Set. Bake! After a long day in the operating room, there is nothing better than kicking back and watching ordinary people with extraordinary accents bake showstoppers.
Great British Baking Show
is honest, sincere, filed with love and friendly competition, and it is my not-so-guilty pleasure. Watching a grandmother turn her favorite recipe into a fabulous wedding cake or a young banker grab her for help because he forgot to turn his oven on brings me so much joy. I love the show’s perfect balance of humble reality in the ‘does look a bit of a mess?’ feedback and the ‘quite stunning’ bakes that earn a handshake in triumph. Watching makes me want to travel to England to meet the star bakers—or at least use my new KitchenAid.”

Theresa, neurosurgery chief resident, Duke University Department of Neurosurgery
“My father’s a chef, so I’ve always been fond of understanding the process of how food is made and the rich culinary history of cultures around the world. (I also love baking.)
Great British Baking Show
combines humor with suspense as contestants from all walks of life race against the clock to impress judges with their baking. I am always amazed by the contestants’ sometimes unexpected creativity and the appreciation for the preparation of food that the show encourages.”
—Shyla, climate change lead at

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