Beyonce and Blue Ivy Honored the Super Bowl With Their Presence


Photo Credit:ELLE Magazine (US)

J.Lo is so lucky to have a queen watching her.

the Grammys in Los Angeles last weekend. She was nominated in four categories: Best Pop Solo Performance (“Spirit”), Best Pop Vocal Album (
The Lion King: The Gift
), Best Song Written for Visual Media (“Spirit”), and Best Music Film (
). She won Best Music Film. But one trophy was not enough to secure Queen Bey’s presence for an entire awards ceremony—at least not this year.
But Bey did
make a splash last month
at the Golden Globes. The singer showed up late with Jay-Z and a bodyguard carrying their champagne to enjoy during the broadcast. Beyoncé shared her outfit for the ceremony on Instagram, a heavenly gold-and-black dress she wore for the evening. Who needs a red carpet and paparazzi when you have your own personal photographer and Instagram audience of 139 million followers?

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