I’m 30 Years Old And I Want to Dress Like a Baby at Her Own Christening


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Adult-sized baby dresses are here.

I recently turned 30 years old. While I don’t consider it a milestone of modern adulthood, I
questioning what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my life. Sure, anyone
do whatever they want, but why am I out past 3AM on a Friday night when I have an early morning trip to Home Depot to complete? Which probiotic should I switch to? Are linen bedspreads better than 1000 count thread? And the ultimate question:
Should I stop shopping at Brandy Melville?
But none of these daunting challenges have made me question my mortality quite like Prince Archie’s christening.
When I first saw the
royal portrait
, Archie sitting plump in Meghan Markle’s lap wearing an itchy dress with a chic cathedral train, I was hit with two conflicting thoughts: 1) I wonder who made his dress; and 2) Why am I coveting a newborn’s outfit?
I am a grown woman: I no longer ask my dad to do my taxes, the best decision of my life was switching from dairy to oat milk, and I have a 401k (I

I aged out of baby dresses when I stopped being a baby, but here I am, longing for a baptism dress at the age of 30.
Prince Archie’s christening on July 06, 2019.
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