New ‘Friends’ Pop-Up Will Let You Recreate the Most Iconic Moments


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before it heads over to a new streaming service. But thanks to a new pop-up experience coming to New York City this fall, fans can step inside of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey’s worlds—literally.
In celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary,
is turning your favorite moments from the show into a pop-up experience for fans, aptly dubbed The One with the Pop-Up (a nod to the format of
episode titles). Fans will have the chance to walk through a slew of set recreations—including Central Perk, Rachel and Monica’s apartment, Chandler and Joey’s famous recliners, and that staircase where Ross had to”PIVOT!”—and make memories with all the Insta-ready photo ops. Want to put a turkey on your head or play foosball? It’s all going to be there.
Fans can already visit the
that appears in exterior shots of the characters’ apartments, at 90 Bedford Street in the West Village.

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Can you believe it’s been almost 25 years since we met this classic group of pals? “The fascination and universal appeal of the hit TV series lives on with fans of all ages,” said Peter van Roden, Warner Bros. senior vice president in a press release.”As we celebrate the show’s milestone anniversary, we are excited to bring the
experience to life for our fans in a way that pays homage to the remarkable cast of characters, iconic sets and instantly quotable moments.”
The One with the Pop-Up will feature a store, and open seven days a week from September 7 until October 6. Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 2,

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