You Can Love Baby Yoda Even If You’ve Never Seen ‘Star Wars’


Photo Credit:ELLE Magazine (US)

There’s no use in trying to deny your affection for this tiny, fictional being.

lost their goddamn minds over the Porgs
It should come as no surprise, then, that the Internet has eschewed all rational thought and sense of decorum over the debut of Baby Yoda. The character is the centerpiece of
The Mandalorian
, the new
Star Wars
live-action series and marquee offering from Disney+. The show initially billed itself as a galactic western about a masked bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) operating in a new world following the destruction of the Empire (for you casual
Star Wars
fans, this means it takes place after 1983’s
Return of the Jedi
). But an element of mystery emerged when Baby Yoda made an unexpected appearance at the end of episode 1.

Someone wants the tiny green alien dead, and when the Mandalorian stops the assassination, he becomes guardian to the creature, its tiny floating bassinet, and force powers that prove quite useful in defeating the bounty hunter’s many enemies.
If the show’s tragic flaw lies in its denial of Pedro Pascal’s face, at least we have baby Yoda’s wide, all-knowing eyes to bring us comfort in these dark times.
In case your deep-seeded cynicism is crying,”I could never love a CGI creature!”, fear not;
The Mandalorian

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  • Can I?!!?!?!!!?!!
  • Baby Yoda already lives at our WH throwing temper tantrums at the drop of a hat! If he doesn’t get his own way he will make the U.S. pay!
  • Yes .