5 Solo Trips Inspired by Female Travelers in Film


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Looking to travel alone? Let one of these film heroines be your guide.

travel alone
. With only yourself to look after, there are no compromises; the destination, agenda, and all-important questions of where, when, and what to eat are entirely at your discretion. Bliss! For frequent fliers and homebodies alike, the feeling of losing yourself in the culture and people of a new place is an extraordinary and deeply necessary thrill.
That said, selecting the appropriate setting for your big (or small) adventure, especially as a woman, can be a complicated affair. Setting a budget for airfare, accommodations, ground transportation and incidentals is one thing, but how can you be sure you’ll feel comfortable wherever you’re going? That you won’t be too busy peering over your shoulder to drink in the sublime freedoms of being alone?
While there are few guarantees in this world, there are movies—and quite a few of them can come in handy here.

There’s nothing quite like the medium of film for depicting travel and displacement; the annals of cinematic history have seen many dramatis personae
. Numbered prominently among them are women, almost invariably in search of some
(a farm in Africa, a villa in Tuscany, a “groove”) missing from their lives; and folded into their trials and triumphs overseas are some fabulous tips for the woman who just wants to wander.
Wendy Hiller in
I Know Where I’m Going

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  • I have traveled a lot over the past few years on my own. Infact, I have no problem doing things by myself. Infact, I enjoy it.
  • Back in the day, ScarJo in Kyoto was what got me to start doing things alone. I was always scared to before. ?
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  • I always traveled alone! I decide where and what to see or eat, and more focused!
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