6 Ways To Fit Self-Love Into Your Everyday


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Because a little Zen goes a long way

. Simply find a quiet space, get comfortable, put on your headphones and enjoy 10 minutes of time out.
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Make bath time better than ever
Jaime Lee
It sounds clichéd but a long, hot bath is one of the most relaxing things ever. Light a candle, drop in some bath salts, slather on a face mask, let the heat relax your muscles and… suddenly you’re in Bali.
This is a nice moment to bring in some essential oils. They’re an easy way to banish stress, anxiety and bad moods in seconds. Post-bath, massage or spritz onto skin. Mix them with a base oil first, paying special attention to your pulse points, then let the oils work their magic, especially if you’re bathing before bedtime. Lavender is the go-to for relaxation, but clary sage and bergamot are also dreamy.
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Move! Get those endorphins going
Jaime Lee
When it comes to escaping from screen time, an exercise class really can’t be beaten. A full 60 minutes with your phone in a locker and an instructor telling you what to do allows your mind to focus on nothing but your body.

A hot yoga class is brilliant for letting off steam, or try HIIT to shake off a long day spent at your desk.
If classes aren’t your bag, get outside and go for a walk or run instead. The added benefit of being in nature with a good helping of fresh air can be a game-changer. Ask a friend to join you to up those happiness levels a little further. Getting active within your day, even if it’s taking the stairs instead of the lift, might not seem like much, but exercise is proven to boost your long-term wellness.
Just say no
One tip for self-care that often gets overlooked is setting boundaries. It’s no wonder that when you try to do everything, be everywhere, please everyone, you end up feeling knackered. So if you’re out of balance, be ruthless with your limits and push back. Knowing when to say ‘no’ gives you the time to gather your strength and indulge in some me-time instead. It’s an act of self-preservation that becomes easier the more you practise it.

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