Gucci’s New Mascara Is Whatever You Want it To Be


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Gucci Global Makeup Artist Thomas de Kluyver breaks beauty boundaries with the new Mascara L’Obscur.

on fall 2020’s runway models. That mascara—Mascara L’Obscur—is now available for $35 at Sephora. How you choose to wear it—thick and layered or just a light swipe—is totally up to you.
On the eve of its launch, De Kluyver spoke with about his progressive approach to beauty:
You’ve been fundamental in ushering in this new wave of experimental beauty. What’s been your inspiration?
It’s all my friends and the people around me. So much of my work focuses on gender identity and self-expression and makeup that can be worn like a fascinating accessory rather than to cover up things.
My friends will be wearing makeup or lipstick, and I’ll take a picture of them, and I’ll use that as inspiration for a campaign. There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with people who are passionate and inspirational who and have always pushed boundaries. We’ve been wearing makeup like this for years, it’s so nice that now it’s speaking to everyone.
How can we all be pushing beauty boundaries in 2020?
Just be yourself and do what it is that you feel beautiful doing. I never do things that are the trendiest thing at the moment, I do things that feel natural. I’ve always wanted to be an individual. I remember as a kid I always wanted to be different and not like everyone else.
What are you inspired by right now?
I spot flowers and I have this app on my phone that can see colors and show the Pantone color of the flowers.

It’s really fun because I can spot colors and take that influence into makeup.
What’s it like working with Alessandro Michele?
Alessandro is so incredible because he has this understanding of makeup and attention to detail. He gives you so much inspiration, but he also gives you space to take that and run with it.
He’s almost like a magpie with references. He loves everything from popular culture references to 15th-century art. It’s really crazy. He knows so much about everything. You can show him a picture of something and he’ll know the details. I wish I had that encyclopedic knowledge.
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You use your fingers when you apply makeup and this past season you sent models down the runway with mascara-filled tears. What are you doing right now to experiment further?
I always like using products in ways that are different than what they are expected to be. The runway show was quite difficult because the new mascara is long wear, so it doesn’t run. I made paint by mixing up the mascara with a few drops of water. Even though it looks like they are dripping down the face, we actually painted them on. I am really interested in little things and appliqués at the moment. I’ve been using lots of foils and stuff in my work. I found all these colored foils from these Japanese websites and I’ve been using those. I might be over those in a bit, though.
Mascara L’Obscur

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