Marc Jacobs Threw a Block Party and Everyone Was Invited


Photo Credit:Vogue Magazine

Last night, Marc Jacobs commanded an entire block on Greene Street to celebrate his new pop up shop.

Grace Coddington
leaned over the counter to embrace Jacobs, who worked as a cashier for the night to the delight of everyone. As he was ringing up a customer, Jacobs flashed an intricate manicure: ten tiny lacquered scenes of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, characters who are featured throughout the new collection. “[The manicure] took three hours,” Jacobs admitted.
Nostalgia seemed in heavy supply—’90s overalls, ’80s shoulder pads, ’70s sequins, and ’60s poodle skirts filled the room—an intentional move by the designer. Asked why he chose to throw a block party, Jacobs explained: “I was born and raised in New York and that’s what we all did. What better way of bringing people together?”

For More Details : Vogue Magazine

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