Miranda Lambert Sports Massive Leg Bruise on Stroll with Brendan McLoughlin


Photo Credit:TMZ

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Just Jared Jr
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If my thighs looked like that I would not be parading around like her. Entire outfit unflattering!
I don’t see anything wrong with what she is wearing. She looks very comfy. Miranda is so beautiful. I’m glad she is happy, and she looks comfy. ❤️?
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  • @JustJared He has the hair kind of like someone on the munsters
  • @JustJared that usually happens when you run into a table or fall.. well it does for me
  • @JustJared Fine reporting here. Any other blemishes that arise keep me posted.
  • @JustJared @mirandalambert so, I have a big bruise and small bruises on my legs from kneeling on them cleaning out the refrigerator.
  • @JustJared Massive alcohol consumption thins your blood, so when you stumble around the house you’re bound to get some nasty bruises
  • @JustJared
  • @JustJared from fighting Gwen
  • @JustJared Looks like she was kicked in the leg..take it from me..I have been the victim of domestic violence and he would get away with it easy..he is a cop
  • @JustJared It’s not that big… when her entire thigh looks like some slapped it with black or purple paint call me
  • @JustJared I will also jump to conclusions since she has not said what happened, so I will say she got in a fight with a Moose, thats right a Moose.
  • @JustJared It could be nefarious but it could also be nothing. I have a huge bruise on my leg that I’m not sure where it came from, probably hit my leg on my desk drawer. Hopefully she’s happy and content in her marriage. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • @JustJared @mirandalambert I have alot of big bruises on my legs from being on them cleaning my frig.
  • @JustJared So the hell what