Nev Schulman Says Ariana Grande’s Interested in Guest Hosting on ‘Catfish’


Photo Credit:TMZ

Nev Schulman says there’s a chance Ariana Grande might co-host with him on ‘Catfish.’

Ariana Grande
to join him on”Catfish.” And, yes … he’s saying there’s a chance!!!
We got the host at LAX and when we asked if he has a celebrity wish list of guest cohosts … he revealed something we didn’t know about Ariana. Watch the clip … Nev fanboys pretty hard for the”Sweetener” singer, even though he claims he originally played it cool when he reached out to her on IG.
Seems like whatever Schulman did worked, because he says she’s interested in appearing on his show … it’s just a matter of making it happen.
As we reported … Nev lost his longtime cohost,
Max Joseph

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  • and…..🤨
  • What’s up with Nev’s hair? Blonde?
  • Yeah dude thatd be a great episode(s) @ArianaGrande & @NevSchulman please and thank u
  • Ok since the show has been weak…
  • That would actually be kind of cool
  • Well she is a pro at ruining relationships!
  • O
  • Don’t molest her
  • Should get someone more relatable
  • oh absolutely. i’m here for a whole SEASON of catfish with ariana.
  • id watch the crap out of that
  • i’m here as FUCK for this
  • this would be everything
  • Wait, Nev is Blonde?!!! @NevSchulman That’s the news!!
  • i’m HERE for this omfgggg
  • @ginagrande_ PLEASE
  • People still watch this show?
  • NEV is Hella CUTE!!!!!
  • People would just watch the show to see Ariana it’s a smart ratings play
  • Yo, I’ll do an episode too, Fuck it.
  • He should invite me
  • He likes David Carradine