Rachael Leigh Cook Announces Split from Husband Daniel Gillies


Photo Credit:Entertainment Tonight

The actress revealed the news to Instagram on Thursday.

(@rachaelleighcook) on
Jun 13, 2019 at 5:36pm PDT
“Your discretion in this matter is kindly requested for the sake of our children during this time of transition,” she concluded.”Thank you to those of you who are already aware; for your tremendous compassion and understanding. Lots of love, Rachael and Daniel.”
The pair began dating in 2001 and tied the knot in August 2004. 
ET spoke with Gillies in April 2017, where the star had nothing but love and positivity about his marriage to his”beautiful” wife and reflected on how enamored he’s been with her since the start of their relationship.

“This is going to sound like the creepiest thing of all time, but when I was first married her… I remember just watching her sleep and thinking that is the most beautiful person and I would just watch her for a while,” Gillies shared.
He also marveled over their children, sharing with a smile, “It’s amazing to see when our kids have inherited some of her physical characteristics.”
Check out the video below for more on the couple and their family.

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