The Number One Place You Should Touch Your Man? His Nipples Here’s How


Photo Credit:Cosmopolitan

Men’s nipples are sensitive, which means they can be an erogenous zone for men. Here are 6 experts on how to stimulate men’s nipples and what makes it feel so good.

22 Places to Touch a Man
“For many males, nipple play is required to achieve orgasm. For others, the pure act of nipple play can bring them to an earth-shattering climax,” he says.
So if you’re not sure how exactly to tease and touch those nipples of his, take some advice from some experts who know exactly how to turn you into a nipple-touching pro.
“Straddle your partner and run your fingers through his chest area avoiding the nipples at first. Then, gently run your fingertips from the top of his chest toward the navel, making sure to come in contact with the nipples. As you continue, bring more attention to his nipples and see how he responds.

You can then
tease the nipples with a light blow to increase their sensitivity before you trace the outline of the nipple with your tongue. From then, feel free to explore with licking, sucking, biting, and so forth.
Remember to start slow and build up. You want to build up anticipation, pleasure and comfort level.” —Cavazos.
“Collect a variety of sensation toys like a feather, the back end of a spoon, ice, and oil. Keep them in a nice box so it’s sexy (not clinical!), and
use your toys to try sucking, licking and maybe even nibbling with your teeth. Pinching is also a great feeling for some men.”

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