There Is A Reason Moms Are Always Tired Even After A Full Night’s Sleep


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If WE don’t remember to switch the laundry over, who will? And if WE don’t bother with the vegetables, well, baby just won’t get any.

don’t remember to switch the laundry over, who will? And if
don’t bother with the vegetables, well, the baby just won’t get any. And doctor’s appointments, prescription refills, vacation packing lists…
All on the invisible checklist inside our brain.
is the mental load we all carry.
And I’m not saying it’s bad or that we need to do something to fix it. I don’t even know if we can.
But sometimes it’s just enough to acknowledge that, hey, this exists. This is a thing. There’s a reason we get tired even when we feel like nothing is getting done.
Because everything that hasn’t been done and everything that needs to be done is playing on loop in our heads — constantly.
Mamas, you are incredible. You are freaking machines.

You are that fancy, expensive glue that’s $20 a bottle because it holds heavy stuff together while staying completely invisible.
But maybe we don’t have to be. Maybe there is something we can do.
How about the next time a spouse, or friend, or family member asks, “What’s on your mind?” you
them. Lighten the load. Even if just for a minute.
And if they look at you like you fell out of the Bonkers Tree and hit every branch on the way down, just reach out to another mama. Because mamas understand.
The burden might be invisible, but it is pretty damn heavy. So let’s be open and honest, and talk to each other.
Let us share the load.
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