These Affordable Beauty Sticks Could Be Your New Best Friends


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Milk’s skincare sticks offer an expert pep at an entry-level price

Milk Makeup is for anyone who wants a pep but prefers a low time-investment product.
How long until I love it?
Both are instantly satisfying to use, while the brightener is proven to improve skin tone after four weeks.
How planet-/people-friendly is it? Short answer please!
All Milk products boast cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and vegan labels as well as responsibly sourced natural ingredients. It is unclear whether the plastic packaging is recyclable, though, and it does come in a second identikit plastic sheath which seems unnecessary, regardless of recyclability.
How do I use it?
Straight from stick-to-skin. Added pressure increases the massage-factor. Keeping the Cooling Water stick in the fridge is extra pleasing.
They look like the stuff of a teenager’s make-up bag but Milk Makeup is a tad more sophisticated. While the range is vast, these two ultra user-friendly items are the highlights. Firstly, the Watermelon Brightening Serum is a serum in a stick – and novelty should not be underrated! But while it looks like it will smell like ice lollies, it actually contains other novelties like Swiss garden sprout extract (brightens), prickly pear extract (hydrates), lentil extract (tightens), watermelon extract (also hydrates), hyaluronic acid (hydrates and plumps) and vitamins A, C and E (to fight against free radicals).

Watermelon’s little blue friend, the Cooling Water stick, is an excellent beach bag addition. Infused with caffeine (to support circulation and give an energised glow) and natural seawater (to calm irritated skin and hydrate) – it’s an excellent de-puffer. So also handy on a hangover. Smoothed into eye sockets – or all over if you so fancy – it’s cooling, calming and perfect for tired or over-sunned skin. And so. So. Easy.
And while the stick form is handy and spill-free for travel, handbags etc, it also serves as a great thick, cooling massage bar that serves to better press product into the skin. The side effects of a quick firm sweep of either stick is a boost to circulation and immediate plumping – meanwhile the ingredients are all working that bit harder having been ushered in by a little gentle pressure. Goodies for grown-ups – but with entry-level prices – they’re perfect for a lazy self-groomer.
Milk Makeup

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