These Are the Running Shorts We’re Loving Right Now


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Look good and race better in these stylish, comfortable bottoms for men and women.

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You’ll find shorts on our list in all lengths, fits, and flavors—but the best style is truly the one that feels best on you. Longer inseams will provide more coverage, which can be beneficial if you’re hitting the trails, want sun protection, or just prefer a modest cut. Shorter inseams and spandex are great for speed workouts, race day, and runs when you want to feel fast and flash a little thigh. Keep in mind that many running shorts will also have undergarments provided. Built-in briefs or compression liners can help simplify your workout wardrobe, while making your runs much more comfortable (and chafe-free).
Features like zipper pockets and hidden pouches make it much easier to carry the essentials—especially if you’re heading out for a long run. Most pockets are large enough to stash your house key and some cash, but pay attention to size if you want more space for a phone, wallet, and
(or if you’re the type who pockets those random found-on-the-run treasures).
We won’t stop you from running in your favorite all-cotton bottoms, but be wary that the material gets heavy when wet, dries slow, and can chafe. Plus, 100 percent cotton shorts will most likely do some serious shrinking in your drier.

Some better options are technical fabrics that blend various materials—like polyester, elastane, spandex, and nylon. If you want shorts that really wick sweat fast, choose a mix with a higher percentage of nylon. Or if extra stretchiness is a must-have, seek out more spandex. Synthetic fabrics with open weaves or larger fibers will also breathe better on humid runs, and some even have anti-microbial properties for combatting bacteria and odor.
If you’re a die-hard for the comfort of cotton, try a 50/50 blend that pairs it with a second, more sweat-friendly material—like polyester. You’ll still get some of that cottony softness, but with added durability and even UV ray protection.
Testing Notes
We called in piles of shorts to run in, combing out our favorites and taking field notes on comfort, moisture-wicking abilities, and extras, including adjustable waistbands and pockets to store your essentials. Here is our list of shorts that made the cut.
Janji Middle Short
The right shorts for: A flowy fit when the weather gets warmer
Price: $60
Inseam: 5 inches (M), 3 inches (W)
Trevor Raab

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