‘I Tried Everything In Lululemon’s New Selfcare Line Here’s What You Should Definitely Buy’


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I was not expecting to love this one item.

the switch from antiperspirant to deodorant
. The difference between the two: antiperspirants contain aluminum salts which actually stop you from sweating, whereas deodorants only combat odor, not moisture. However, I have tested my fair share of deodorants so I can be objective there.
Compared to other aluminum-free deodorants, I like that this is a spray formula that feels dry on the skin—many natural deodorants can feel a little sticky—yet is slightly moisturizing thanks to coconut oil. It uses zinc to help combat stink, as well as prebiotics to help reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
I tried the Black Pepper Sandalwood scent and really liked it—it’s definitely gender neutral.

While this deodorant just isn’t for me, if you are avoiding aluminum, I definitely think you’ll be a fan of this product.
The final verdict:
I am honestly impressed with how Lululemon was able to pinpoint the very specific and unique needs women (and men!) have after working out. As someone who struggles with their post-gym beauty routine, I genuinely feel like keeping most of these products in my gym bag will alleviate many of my gym-to-job anxieties.
Marta Topran, the beauty director at Women’s Health, has been covering the world of skincare, makeup, hair, and wellness for over 12 years.
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