Slayyyter Ranks Her Top 5 ‘Daddy AF’ Icons


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From Pamela Anderson to Sasha Grey.

Paris Hilton
that border on the satirical. She’s the kind of artist that will mail you a completely naked Barbie save for a hot pink sash with her name emblazoned across it as promo for her new single. Slayyyter knows her brand like the back of her hand, and realizes we are eating up every moment of it.
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The breakout pop star’s”Daddy AF” music video unfolds like a baller’s fantasy —
Project X
dollar sign Ke$ha
, only Slayyyter is firmly on top and completely in charge. The song’s opening verse”I been fuckin’ models/ I been poppin’ bottles (all night),” sounds like it could’ve been plucked out of any dude’s trap party anthem from the past decade, infused with the sleaze of x-rated Internet forums, Tila Tequila stripper pop, and post-Charli XCX super stans.
To celebrate her latest release,
asked Slayyyter to name her top five favorite daddies, and she fired back with this ranking of iconic women, below.
5. Anna Nicole Smith

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