You Can Now Amazon Prime Yourself A Fancy Fitness Studio Bike In 2 Days


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Two-day delivery, FTW.

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from the company. There are thousands of live and recorded cycling and “off-bike” classes for you to chose from, ranging from five minutes (when you’re super pressed for time) to 60 minutes. New workouts are added daily.
The bike also comes with wifi, has multiple seat and handlebar settings, has two water bottle holders, and comes with weighted bars.
We’ve actually tested the Flywheel bike and can confirm that it’s awesome for any cycling fanatic who wants the standard Flywheel experience, minus the commute to a fitness studio and having to plan around a pre-scheduled class.

Worth noting: Best Buy is also going to start NordicTrack treadmills and Hydrow rowing machines online (with the same rollout plan to bring them into 100 stores later in 2019). Just in case you want to start making your Black Friday shopping plans early…
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