Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner Threw a Dude Ranch Wedding Weekend


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Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry were there in Wyoming going full ‘Old Town Road.’

Lil Nas X
‘s “Old Town Road,” was the clear winner. (Not that we are condoning the cowboy equivalent of texting and driving.) At some point, he dismounted, presumably so that Blasberg could take a video of him connecting with nature, standing and staring off in the distance, which Perry soundtracked with a rendition of “Home on the Range.” (He even brought a Nalgene!)
Unsurprisingly, no one—not even Kloss in her double denim—nailed the dress code like von Furstenberg.
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Blasberg, on the other hand, appears to have spent much of the trip wrangling his fellow ranchers into photos.

“May your marriage be as intense and long lasting as my hangover from this weekend ?,” he captioned a photo of Kloss and Kushner, which Perry echoed in the comments with a “ditto.” (David Geffen weighed in: “A perfect couple…..cute too :).”)
Kushner, characteristically, has yet to post about their weekend getaway. But Kloss did make a promise on her Instagram Stories: “More to come.”
Karlie Kloss Rides Into the Wild, Wild West as Cowboy Karlie
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