Ben Simmons Rages In Hollywood After 170 Million Offer from 76ers!


Photo Credit:TMZ

Hours after getting a $170 mil contract offer, Ben partied in Hollywood!

How do you celebrate after getting a $170 MILLION contract offer? 
If you’re
Ben Simmons
, you hit the Hollywood nightclubs with a massive entourage!!
That’s what the 22-year-old did last night … rolling into Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood like the ultimate VIP and
TMZ Sports
has the video. 
Simmons — looking super casual in a hoodie and a baseball cap — strolled right past the normies and walked right into the club with a bunch of dudes and ladies surrounding him. 
It was a pretty pimp moment from one of the biggest young stars in the NBA. 
Ben joined some huge celebrities in the club including

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  • Still would lose to a 10 year old in a game of HORSE
  • Nothing higlights the vulgarity & absurdity of our society more than the salaries of sportstars. Compared to teachers & nurses.
  • Should’ve been in the gym working on that jump shot to be honest
  • #OMG
  • Would rather he work on his jumper
  • Lmao these people are so lame. I don’t even know why I follow them. They literally show this kid walking into a place and that’s news 🤣
  • Kaepernick a bum
  • I wanna get offered this much
  • Don’t tell Colin Kaeprnick 🤫
  • I would rage too getting that much money to play basketball even though I couldn’t shoot said basketball.
  • Yeah take your time man it’s only $170 million ..think about it
  • @_SleepyJ he need to get his ass to the gym and practice his 3