This Bride Shocked Everyone by Having 34 Bridesmaids


Photo Credit:Prevention Magazine

This is NOT a joke.

Admittedly, a wedding can be very
me, me, me
, but, as every bride will tell you, there’s also a lot of tiptoeing around
people, too. Guest lists, seating charts, pre-wedding events—they all require accommodating your guests’ feelings and needs. Same goes for choosing your group of bridesmaids. I know people who have had none, some who’ve had just a couple family members, and a few who had almost reached double digits with their crew. I settled on five ladies—a mix of cousins and best friends.
Casme’ Carter
settled on 34. Safe to assume there were zero hurt feelings there.
The New Orleans bride—who has become the subject of many local news stories and a source of utter bewilderment for fellow brides—posted a

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