10 of the best menstrual cups for people who have periods


Photo Credit:Cosmopolitan UK

Boots’ Kind Cup has been developed with a super-soft and flexible design which is meant to guarantee long-lasting comfort. It’s free from latex, BPA and phthalates, and is hypoallergenic. It’s been designed with soft and rounded edges for easier insertion, and ‘pressure-release holes’ for easy removal. Size 2 is also available.\r\nREAD NEXT: ‘I tried period-proof pants and they’re a total game changer’

The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup. It’s around two inches long and made from soft medical grade silicone. It collects far more (three times as much as a ‘super-absorbent’ tampon’!) fluid. It’s available in two sizes (A and B). Size A measures 46mm in diameter and 50mm in length. Size B measures 43 mm in diameter and 50mm in length. Both sizes have a pull stem 21mm long, which you can trim to the length that’s right for you. Sizing is based on pelvic floor tone, not menstrual flow, and it’s important to get the sizing right to get the best from your Mooncup. Read more about sizing at

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