7 Tricks for a Perfectly Packed Suitcase Every Time


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So you can focus on choosing a rom-com to watch on the plane.

2. Consider Rolling Clothes & Packing Cubes
For lightweight, thin fabrics (think: linens, t-shirts, sundresses, and the like),
rolling a folded garment
really does do wonders for suitcase Tetris.
“Everything is rolled and fitted like a grid along the side where the luggage handles retract,” says E-commerce Coordinator Jamie Chen, of her packing strategy.”The key is make everything as flat as possible.” (Chen also advocates for keeping a capsule wardrobe to pare down even further.)
For structural help, seek out
: semi-firm rectangles that allow you to organize and compress your items into different compartments.
3. Mix & Matching Layers Is the Answer, Every Time
Whether you’re the type to make packing lists or to freestyle your outfits, always think in terms of what can be layered together. I like to start with one pair of versatile pants and a coat or jacket layer that matches, and fill in the blanks with a few tops and sweater options.
“In the summer, I always try to pack an easy-to-wear palette of neutrals. Usually it’s a blend of whites, naturals, and faded blues—lately a hint of leopard too,” says Associate Buyer Aja Aktay, who most definitely looks more put together than I do on any given trip.”A crisp shirt always seems to be the first thing I throw on, and it’s nice to mix that back to some earthy textures like a rattan bag or rope sandal.

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4. Wear Your Bulkiest Shoes & Coat on the Plane
Packing shoes can be a pain point for even the savviest traveler. One thing you can do: wear the most cumbersome pair (looking at you, boots) on the flight. Bonus points if you do the same with that puffer jacket.
As for packing additional pairs of shoes,”I like to use the cloth bags that are provided with sheet sets. I never know what to do with those bags anyway and they just so happen to fit a pair of shoes perfectly!” says Aktay. Other team members note that shower caps make for handy sole-covers.
“I like to use [shoes] as their own vessels and fill them up with socks and random small items that otherwise just slip through and fall to the bottom of your bag,” says UX Designer Rebecca Sutter.
5. Pre-Pack Your Toiletries
Store your travel toiletries together in a travel case—which can be one intended for that purpose, or if you’re me, a years-old Glossier zip-top bag—so you never need to unpack or repack all those tiny bottles.
Keep in mind the
for liquids in carry on luggage:”3-1-1 for carry-ons=3.4 ounce (100ml) bottle or less (by volume); 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin.”
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