Michael Blackson Roasts AfroFuture Fest for Charging White People Double


Photo Credit:TMZ

Michael Blackson’s got jokes about the Detroit music festival’s controversial decision to charge white people double.

Michael Blackson
‘s got a pretty flip response to a black music and art festival charging white people twice as much to attend — he says this is how it should be for everything.
The comedian’s just joking, of course, when we got him leaving Penthouse Nightclub in WeHo Sunday night, but his roast of Detroit’s AfroFuture Fest didn’t stop there. He tells us it’s obviously not right for the festival to make ticket prices higher for white people, but he uses another word for white people — the”C” word. But, not THAT one. Watch.
In case you missed it … Blackson’s making light of a situation many people didn’t find funny at all over the weekend — the fest hosted by AfroFuture Youth was offering an early bird ticket price of $10 for people of color, but $20 for”NONPOC.”
It was met with serious backlash, and rapper
Tiny Jag
pulled out of the music festival saying the race-based ticket pricing does not reflect her views.
sorry ily guys???

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  • 😂😂😂really
  • Charging white people double isn’t racist at all. 🤦‍♂️
  • they’re racist
  • Lol.. we will see if this double standard get treated like if a white person did it.. #my guess is nope! 😂
  • Michael Blackson?😂🐑💨
  • Imagine if this was other way around? Whew.
  • I wouldn’t go to an AfroFuture Fest if you paid me. Some people are actually paying more?
  • Well they’re idiots if they pay it.
  • Michael Blackson? 🤣😂 Am officially outta the game.
  • Go man