Philadelphia 76ers Misspell Jimmy Butler’s Name in Thank You Tweet


Photo Credit:TMZ

The 76ers would like to thank Jimmy Buter for everything he did for the team. Oops …

Jimmy Butler
did a lot to put the Philadelphia 76ers in contention for a title last year — and as a parting gift … the team thanked him by misspelling his name.
Someone in the graphics department screwed up big time in the ‘Thank You’ tweet sent out Saturday by the team’s official page — spelling Butler as Buter. Weirdly enough, they tagged him correctly by writing,”Thank you @JimmyButler!” 
Hey, at least they got the”Jimmy” right. Props?
The erroneous tweet was up for about 40 minutes before somebody noticed and took it down. Jimmy doesn’t appear to have responded to it either.

We’d like to give Philly the benefit of the doubt and assume this is just a classic mistake — BUT, it could also be seen as a slight … if you’re into that narrative. 
Jimmy, of course, is no longer with the 76ers … having signed a new contract with the Miami Heat in a 4-team, sign-and-trade deal. He was a free agent, and could’ve re-upped for another run with the Process, but opted to take his talents to Miami Beach instead.
Anyway, here’s to Jimmy Buter and his memorable year in Philly. Cheers!!!

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  • James?
  • Its twitters autocorrect
  • You are really trying to make this a story? Sad sacks
  • So sha-dy! lol
  • More superb reporting by , pretty sure it was a typo.
  • 😱😱😱 OMG, that’s awful. I hope his emotional wounds heal and he can get past this.
  • Very fitting for that AHole
  • Buhtlerr? Budle? Baudelaire? Bullshit?
  • SO
  • Philly is so bad even in spelling, this is really poor for a gigantic city metropolitan district, second time coming in a week.
  • You made a story about a typo?!? Tf!?! Someone was desperate to come up with a story 😂