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Have you felt pain shooting down your leg from your lower back or rear end? It may be that one of the disks that separate the bones of your spine is pushing on a nerve. Learn what causes it and how to manage it.

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  • High heat weakens the discs and causes first, fatigue then breakage. This is my experience and the discs may not heal just empty out at that time of high heat then extreme lengthy months of pain and no usage afterwards.
  • anything higher than 75-6 is too much for discs, theywill break if you climb a stair of 14 steps after overheating 3-4 days in a 3week outage near a university! Utility Co. time–weaponry should be regulated by law. Money was also lost.
  • *86-87 degrees for 3 to 4 days inside the house during an outage will break discs.
  • Utilities with ouitages near Universities should be made to respond veryfast for nearby1-2 miles near campus residential areas students do compress from studying.
  • Yup! Had terrible pain shooting down right leg. Ended up having surgery at L3/L4 on bulged disc pinching the nerves. Much better now! 💕
  • All the time… Electric shocks in my fingers and toes too.
  • You forgot to make ur website user friendly. Rebuild.
  • You feel this is a flaw in the veribrae design… nerve branches should pass in bone tunnels
  • I get severe pain when sit for long as have lower neck herniated disc
  • @eliasr_01