This Foot-Long French Pastry Is the Best Thing I Ate in Paris


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And I ate a *lot* of things.

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Mar 23, 2018 at 11:02am PDT
So I was surprised when a list of Paris recommendations compiled by my little sister Clementine included an item from Du Pain I’d never come across:
Recommendations from Clementine do not come lightly. She’s an astute critic with exacting standards, and she doesn’t sugarcoat. I once saw her turn away an entire platter of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies because she suspected they were made with imitation vanilla rather than pure extract. (Another entry on her Paris list, for a secondhand shoe store, says simply,”Tiny shop with intimidating salesperson. The most beautiful shoes you’ve ever seen.”)
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Top Comment:
“As a reward for supporting our national team away, won’t you share some of your Paris (and all things France) food-shopping secrets.

I am sure sister Clem will approve. ;)”
— Jo A.
Accordingly, when I entered Du Pain last week and locked eyes with a big plate of sacristains, I knew this wasn’t the time to mess around.
I may or may not have a photo of this sacristain in a BFF locket, now.
Photo by Ella Quittner
The sacristan is a long, twisted pastry that’s like a
croissant aux amandes
if it grew eight inches, lost its potbelly, and took on the sort of ineffable intrigue that’d make you want to spend all night talking to it at a cocktail party. According to
, it hearkens from the South of France, and the origins of its name are murky.
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