Joe Jonas Sophie Turner Keepin’ the Love Going on Italian Honeymoon


Photo Credit:TMZ

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are going two weeks strong on their honeymoon with no end in sight.

Sophie Turner
, are still honeymooning under the Southern Italian sun — and even though they’re two weeks deep … they’re treating each day like it’s their first.
The couple was spotted Sunday near the shores of the cliffside village of Positano — and as they made their way down a set of stairs to board a boat … Joe made sure to capture all the moments.
Sophie had his back too — he was looking one way firing off shots of the coast, and she was keeping watch on the other side … making sure he didn’t miss anything. Teamwork makes the newlywed dream work!
Before their boat ride, Sophie and Joe enjoyed themselves a couple refreshing spritzers with some smooching in between. It’s like they just left the altar!
The couple’s been in Italy for at least 14 days now — they

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  • Mi amor? You mean amore mio.
  • Love to see how these two would do sitting at the kitchen table trying to work out a budget after 10 hour days. “Oh fuck it, let’s go to Italy!”