The 10 Best Vitamin C Serums to Get the Moist Even Skin of Your Dreams


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Scar-fading, skin brightening magic, right this way.

The 10 Best Vitamin C Serums to Get the Moist Skin of Your Dreams
Jun 27, 2019
A super matte face used to be the look everyone was going for. Now, everyone wants to look
. Close-up photos of people showing off their radiant visages under extremely good lighting have taken the place of duck-lip and fish gape selfie poses, and it’s probably because they use a good ol’ vitamin C serum in their daily routine.
“Vitamin C is a powerhouse, multitasking antioxidant that both protects—neutralizing free radicals to prevent oxidative stress—and repairs—reducing hyperpigmentation and boosting collagen synthesis,”says

Deanne Robinson
of Modern Dermatology of Connecticut.
You can take vitamin C orally or in a serum for more visible results. Vitamin C serums are the go-to anti-aging remedy and the antidote to lackluster, dehydrated skin. The powerhouse vitamin is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and red spots, ultimately brightening skin overtime. The market is oversaturated with serums that claim to do the work, so I polled a few skin experts to recommend their favorites, ahead.
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