7 Gripping Beach Reads To Bring On Holiday This Summer


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From Candace Bushnell’s Sex & The City sequel to Lisa Taddeo’s headline-making Three Women

My Past Is a Foreign Country by Zeba Talkhani
Zeba Talkhani’s debut offers an eye-opening account of what it’s like growing up as a young woman in Saudi Arabia. Charting her childhood in Jeddah, and student life in both India and Cambridge, Talkhani writes with disarming honesty about her tricky relationship with her mother, her traumatic hair loss and how she was able to finally forge an identity away from the confines of family and religion.
Available now
Mother Ship by Francesca Segal
Three days after her twin girls were delivered by caesarean section 10 weeks early, Francesca Segal finally got to hold one of her daughters. “There is a hot frog on my chest, a handful of human,” she writes in these resulting diaries, which catalogue the 56 agonising days she spent in the NICU. Segal’s moving memoir reveals not only what it takes to keep premature babies alive, but also what it means to be human and a mother.
Available now
Hormonal by Eleanor Morgan
“There is power in knowing ourselves better,” writes Eleanor Morgan in her second book. Power through knowledge is precisely what she sets out to give her readers in this exploration into the myriad ways the body affects the mind. From a refresher course on the menstrual cycle to the societal and cultural ways in which women’s bodies are controlled,
feels like an essential guide in helping us truly understand our cores.
Available July 4, 2019
Three Women by Lisa Taddeo
Lina is in a loveless marriage; Sloane feels whole only in a ménage à trois; and Maggie is trying to overcome a relationship with her teacher. These are the women whose personal lives are recounted in meticulous detail, to shed light on how we view female sex, love and desire.

Taddeo spent eight years trailing these women, and while her writing reads like fiction rather than testimony, there is nothing false here.
Available from July 9, 2019
A Half Baked Idea by Olivia Potts
Grief does funny things to us. For Olivia Potts, her mother’s sudden death led her to quit a burgeoning career as a criminal barrister and train as a Cordon Bleu pastry chef, despite having next to no culinary knowledge. Potts’s memoir is many things at once: a heart-wrenching yet humorous portrayal of grief, a delicious collection of recipes, an inspirational tale of changing careers, and a feel-good love story.
Available July 25, 2019
Is There Still Sex in the City? by Candace Bushnell
Twenty-five years after her first column in the
New York Observer
, Candace Bushnell is in her fifties, divorced and “driving a sensible SUV with two large standard poodles”. It leaves her wondering: is there still sex in the city? Her funny and honest dispatches from the world of modern dating reveal what love, sex and friendship look like for the middle-aged woman.
Available August 6, 2019
Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino
In her first book of essays,
New Yorker
writer Jia Tolentino deftly tackles the great millennial topics of the day, using her own experiences, whipsmart cultural observations and historical research. She picks apart everything from our near-hysterical obsession with weddings (I Thee Dread); institutional religion and drugs (Ecstasy); and “the rise of athleisure as late-capitalist fetishwear” (Always Be Optimizing). A thoroughly enjoyable education on society.
Available August 8, 2019

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