CBS Responds as Big Brother Ca


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For More Details : People

  • I stopped watching big brother a long time ago for racist crap
  • ‘We Share Some of the Concerns’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • This season is so fucking shit even the cast is dumb af😂
  • If the producers really shared the concerns of live feed viewers, they would air the bigoted and bullying behavior in the episodes and actually address it. Instead of sweeping it under the rug, and even worse, editing the bigots to look like nice guys and heroes. #BB21
  • SOME of the concerns? Which ones do they not share? And how come?!
  • It’s probably the same statement they put out every season.
  • Clearly they don’t. They cast the same type of people every year with the same results. #BB21
  • It’s so easy to say ‘we don’t condone it’ and ‘we’ve addressed it to the HGs’ but what’s the point of addressing the HGs if their words won’t air? If they still cut feeds? They don’t condone it but they don’t implement consequences for MULTIPLE offences? I call bullshit.
  • Ahhh yes….now that big name YouTubers and verified people on Twitter are discussing the #bb21 racism, CBS wants to ‘speak out’ if that’s what you call that. Let’s see if they ever show it to the casuals though.
  • CBS never addresses any of the racism. They only come out and ‘respond’ AFTER comments are made about asians. In S15, they let it go o and on UNTIL comments were made about Helen (asian) using the another ‘rice’ comment. #BBLF #BBAD #BB21
  • I don’t like this horrible cast
  • I can’t stand Jack or Mickie… hopefully Cliffs choices will get him the heck out!!! #GOCLIFF #BB21 #CliffBB21
  • Ending message..and producers have addressed specific incidents with the Houseguests involved. However, there is absolutely no truth that the casting of the show is racially motivated, that the Houseguests’ behavior is predetermined or that the outcome is controlled in any way.”
  • Been watching Big Brother from the beginning Have to say thi is the worst group ever !!!!there is no one to root for
  • @89razorskate20 They cast the same number of minority players every single year it took 21 seasons to see the first black winner. Their casting is racially biased. It always has been.
  • That’s like saying we are sending hopes and prayers after a school shooting
  • @RealityTVBully Always too late & the same boiler plate response. Boils down to they don’t give a shit & will continue to do the same, not the show what is really happening on the televised shows. The rice comment will be shown because of Julie. The other racist & threatening comments will not.
  • @CBSBigBrother doesn’t care because it’s free publicity. No such thing as bad press. #BB21
  • @CattyJargon , why not ask @CBS why they don’t show the true narrative?
  • As alway protecting Robyn Kass. I wonder what dirt she has and who she has it in. I am pretty sure CBS is her only gig.
  • I told yall it will take them making some Bella comment for Julie Chen and CBS to respond, where were they when Kemi an David and the black audience needed their response!!! #bb21.
  • @BBFeedsFairy And has a video interview with a guy that was on TMZ 2-3 times for strange sexual behavior last season, at the top of this story… Nice job
  • Then why haven’t y’all done anything? #BB21
  • That’s pretty funny that the very network that purposely casts racists and bullies now pretend they are concerned that there are racists and bullies in the #BBHouse #smh
  • Y’all mfs STAY having “concerns” each year. Vet who the fuck you’re giving a medium to! It shouldn’t be this hard. You didn’t even have this in the early to mid seasons. When advertisers pull out THEN you want to address sh!t, a la Aaryn and that season.
  • And Kemi never feuded with Jack, that was a one sided racist behavior that Jack and Jackson had with Kemi from Day 1
  • @formicality cbs issued a weak statement. bad behavior continues in the house after they “spoke to the houseguests” and separate of the issues in the article: casting jackson has proven to be dangerous and negligent
  • @girlsmeg As a black man with progressive political views mostly its both saddens n offends me that it took an asian slur to draw a respond but blk n brown slurs for weeks went ignored by cbs.
  • @EvelDick CBS took off their broadcast from my cable company. If you think I am going to get your CBS streaming service, you are fooling yourself. Especially when you ‘hire’ these crackpot house guests for your show.