How Amazon’s Return Policy Works For Prime Day Buys


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Everything you need to know about returning products purchased on Prime Day.

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These policies also apply to purchases fulfilled by a third-party vendor. Under normal circumstances, the return policy for a third-party vendor might differ from Amazon’s. However, any item eligible for Amazon Prime (i.e. all Prime Day buys) has the same return policy as all orders from, so you’re in the clear for any Prime deals.
It’s also important to keep in mind that not all purchases come with free returns. So, if you’re ordering a lot of products on Prime Day, keep track of which ones will require you to pay if you do decide to return them.
Finally, if you are a serial returner, you may want to keep yourself in check on Prime Day:
has been called out for banning customers who return too many items. As far as online shopping goes, getting banned on Prime Day really would be a horror movie in the making.

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