‘I tried the pillow designed specifically for sex and I’m obsessed’


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This thing is good.

the heavy petting, and
the dirty talk we typically incorporate. Then, he slid my shorts off and started kissing my stomach as I not-so-gracefully slid Pillo underneath me, with the taller half supporting my butt in an ~ascending~ position.
Having my vulva out, legs splayed high and wide made me feel a little, well, vulnerable, which actually kind of amped up my arousal.
As my boyfriend went to work going down on me, I realised:
Damn, this Pillo shit is a game changer
Since my butt wasn’t touching the bed, my partner had a better angle for eating me out where he could hit
all the spots
(aka all along my labia and my clitoris) way, way more easily. It was pretty much *chef’s kiss* magical.
Once I was sufficiently satisfied with the oral, he slid his penis into me for penetrative sex without moving Pillo from under me.
And let me tell you: That. Angle. Tho.
The wedge of Pillo made it so our crotches perfectly aligned. His penis fit into me like freakin’
. Then, once he was pumping in and out, I legit had to push him back a few times because the Pillo had him going so, so deep (in a good way) that I was overwhelmed by the intensity.
Long story short, we both orgasmed and PTFO.

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The verdict
I feel like this pillow solved all of my (many, many) problems. Using Pillo, when my boyfriend entered me, life basically started making sense again. My existential dread? Gone. My rent? Paid. My crippling fear of Trump getting (fraudulently) re-elected? K, obvs still processing that one, but you get the point.
Even trying other positions, the magical effect of the Pillo was the same. Doggy-style and spooning were made 100 times easier because of this expensive (but worth it) li’l wedge. Our genitals just
fit better
My boyfriend was pretty excited about it too—after our last use, he stared longingly into the ceiling and sighed, “This pillow really makes me feel some type of way.”
(Uh, do you two need a minute? Lol.) But actually, Pillo is a must-have for ALL genders.
We both had—and will continue to have—a more than satisfactory experience. Tell me, did you already add one to you shopping cart? If you haven’t, I can’t recommend enough that you do.
This non-vibrating, non-dick-shaped angel will both figuratively and
elevate your sex life. (Sorry.)
TTYL, my bbs, Pillo awaits.
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