Rue and Jules Got Matching Lip Tattoos on ‘Euphoria ‘ and Fans Are Losing It


Photo Credit:Allure

Here’s everything fans are saying about the shocking scene.

, naturally. The two high schoolers both got the word “Rules” (a combination of their names) inked on the inside of their bottom lip, and as expected,
fans are losing it.
Viewers everywhere are taking to Twitter to discuss the bold move, with some simply expressing shock and awe and others straight-up rejoicing at the moment. One user tweeted, “Rue and Jules getting matching inner lip tattoos is the highlight of the episode.” Another Twitter user pointed out that this scene could potentially cause a spike in inner lip tattoos, and considering how popular the show is, they might just be right.
Regardless of how you feel about their choice, it made for one amazing episode — now check out what more people have to say in the tweets below.

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