These are without a doubt the best spin classes in London


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Wheel good.

ever actually exist) and other times we bat the idea away with the simple excuse ‘it’s not really my thing’.
Then came an exercise class that allowed us to sit down, and everyone was interested. That’s right, we’re talking about spinning. Quickly and brutally we discovered that you can’t actually sit down – not for more than 3 seconds anyway, unless you fancy being shouted at by an overenthusiastic instructor with neon wristbands and a wild look in his eye. Lights are dimmed, music is turned up, and for the next 45-60 minutes you wonder if you’re experiencing multiple organ failure.
The hilarious thing is, we love it! Maybe even more than the casual riverside
we thought we were signing up for. Not only is the torturous exercise low impact and high intensity, it burns between 500 and 700 calories per hour.

What’s more, London biking enthusiasts can get their weekly wheel-ride in without being flattened by a big red bus.
Chances are, you’ve already found your local spinning ground. But what if you move house? Or you do something really embarrassing in front of all your spin pals? Or, heaven forbid, you’ve never actually tried a spinning class. This list of the best spots in London is for you. Cleats at the ready…
Mortimer Street, Canary Wharf, Shoreditch, Clapham
Dotted around the city, these popular, fun classes are run by a team of over 30 instructors, equipped to motivate you through either 45, 60, or even 90 minute classes. Expect to leave pumped with endorphins.
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