Women Who Give Up Drinking Alcohol Improve Their Mental Health Study Finds


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The growing use of alcohol among women has become a public health concern.

highest levels of mental well-being
. While researchers have not nailed down an exact reason why sober women reacted more favorably than sober men, they suggest that abstinence from alcohol reduces life stressors, like family issues.
Which is interesting, considering many women likely drink a glass of wine at the end of the day to help alleviate the heavy
invisible workload they carry
as the primary emotional laborers of the family.
Alcohol does relieve anxiety, but only temporarily. It also acts as a depressant, which activates systems in the brain that worsen anxiety after the initial calming effect. Drinking alcohol to experience positive effects like anxiety or stress relief can lead to dependency,
according to AddictionCenter.com

This leads to people drinking more — or faster — to compensate for what they’re not feeling right away. It’s easy to see how drinking alcohol regularly, even in moderation, can affect one’s mental health as well as physical.
Interestingly, during a follow-up with subjects, women who quit drinking during the study reported a higher improvement in their mental health than those who were lifetime abstainers.
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