Fila’s Newest Collection Will Get You Outside ASAP


Photo Credit:Teen Vogue

We’re here for the vintage outdoors clothing revival.

Finding the activation energy to
get out there
can be tough with the various barriers to entry. One of which being having the right gear. Fila’s new explore collection is changing that (and making clothing for the outdoors incredibly stylish). The brand has always successfully toed the line between heritage sportswear and outdoors clothing. In 1978 world-renowned mountaineer, Reinhold Messner reached the summit of Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen dressed in head-to-toe Fila mountain gear. Meaning,
hiking boots from this collection will do just fine on your next hike. The brand proves that technical clothing and looking good are not mutually exclusive, a value that is still heavily engrained in Fila’s brand DNA.
“With an extensive product assortment inspired by journeys around the globe, the Explore offerings are bold and confident, encouraging wearers to explore their individuality and celebrate the spirit of adventure.” says Louis W.

Colon III, Vice President of Heritage and Trend at Fila North America.
Fila is tapping into their broad design archives and pulling inspiration from their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s archival ski, trekking, and alpine collections for design direction. The explore collection takes us through four distinct categories: Canyon, Woods, Mountains, Elements. Each category offers a wide range of just about everything from windbreakers and trail pants to walking sticks and tactical vests. Different categories have their own respective color schemes based on the environment they’re based on. The colors are thoughtful and well curated, while the clothing themselves remind us of everything we admire about Fila. It’s easy to wear and has little details that wink to the past archives with vintage Fila logos and sneakers a cool mountaineering dad would approve of. Be the hiker girl you’ve always wanted to be, or just wear the line for a big statement. The

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